Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Archery Mythology and Olympic Archery Tickets

Deities and heroes in several mythologies are described as archers, including the Greek Artemis and Apollo, the Roman Diana and Cupid, the Germanic Agilaz, continuing in legends like those of William Tell, Palnetoke, or Robin Hood.
Armenian Hayk and Babylonian Marduk, Indian Karna, Arjuna, Rama, Abhimanyu, andShiva, and Persian Arash were all archers. Earlier Greek representations of Heracles normally depict him as an archer. The Nymphai Hyperboreioi was worshipped on the Greek island of Delos as attendants of Artemis, presiding over aspects of Olympic Archery; Hekaerge, represented distancing, Loxo, trajectory, and Oupis, aim. 
In East Asia, Yi the archer features in several early Chinese myths, and the historical character of Zhou Tong features in many fictional forms. Jumong, the first Taewang of the Goguryeo kingdom of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, is claimed by legend to have been a near-godlike archer. Olympic Archery features in the story of Oguz Khagan. In West African Yoruba belief, Osoosi is one of several deities of the hunt who are identified with bow and arrow iconography and other insignia associated with Olympic Archery.
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