Thursday, 27 October 2011

Archery Tickets

Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow and a sport that dates back years and years before the modern day version that we have today with all sorts of high-tech equipment and different techniques of shooting and competing with other archers.
                                Long before archery became an Olympic sport, civilizations rose and fell on their skills with the bow and arrow. Genghis Khan and his Mongols used the known world for target practice.In approx. 2800 BC, the first composite bow was produced by the Egyptians. It was made from wood, tipped with animal horn and held together with animal sinew and glue. Unstrung, it resembled a "C" shape and would have required 2 people to string it. The bowstring was made from "catgut" (sheep intestines). The arrows used were extremely light, could be shot 400 yards using the composite bow and would easily penetrate the armor of that time period. The Egyptians used archers on the back of light chariots who were highly trained and skilled and could easily outflank an enemy army with devastating effect.

Archery was highly developed in Asia and in the Islamic world. In East Asia, ancient Korean civilizations, such as the Silla, Baekje, andGoguryeo were well known for their regiments of exceptionally skilled archers. Central Asian tribesmen and American Plains Indians were extremely adept at archery on horseback. At Crecy, France, in the year 1346, the English longbow proved its worth for the first time in Continental warfare. 

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